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”How to dress up your favorite shoes?"

There are some things in life that simply are not able to live without, which all have a place in the sun on wardrobe shelves, and who are simply unable to resist, because some of them will never be enough. These beloved shoes are the rattling, paddling, not always practical, and sometimes very uncomfortable pieces, sometimes sweetening our bitter moments. But whatever the relationship we have with pumps, we have to admit that they certainly deserve to be pampered. The best way for it is the Stiletto Dress, which is a great accessory if we talk about new or even a worn piece of shoes. We love shoes, new ones and old ones too, but no matter how much we try to love them equally, sometimes we stand idly by in front of the worn ones. Difficult to discard them, but as we have to renew our bathos with some special accessory, I often want to convert my unicolored maybe boring creepers into something totally new, something wonderful illusion.

In this website you can find fabulous shoe accessories, which will help you in that case when your shoes turn its back on you on an important day, because its’ heels are worn out. It conjures pumps into new, when it’s not fashionable enough, but also helps you if you want to get round the choosen man. And what’s the secret of your shoes’ seduction?

The answer is simple:

And who are we?

In case you haven’t heard of stilettodress yet, let me just tell you a couple words about us:

Our products are handcrafted, beautiful accessories you can easily apply to your shoes to make them look more special for any occasion. Just take a shoe and customize it all the way you like with our sexy designs – easy, right? It’s like you have a whole bunch of new shoes, only for a very little price so you can afford them even if you think you don’t have the money for any new accessories right now. And who wouldn’t go for a little something for themselves time to time.
Is’n that enough? All right, there is more!
In our webshop you can choose from many unique designs so you can surely find something for your taste.
Stilettodresses are 100% handmade, from the finest materials. Quality guaranteed.
They are very easy to apply and fit all sizes.
You can use one with many different shoes so let your imagination fly and create beautiful, exciting outfits with them!
We ship worldwide, so no matter where you live, you can definitely get one for yourself.
If you are looking for a very special and mindful gift, this is the perfect choice for birthdays or Christmas.
Our prices are low and we await you with special offers and giveaways in our shops.

Sounds tempting, right? Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Check out our webshop today and fall in love with our beautiful stilettodresses!

Katalin Kreiczinger
CEO, designer