Handcrafted jewelry clothes for high heel shoes!

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The delivery will be completed by DHL Express. It will be two attempts to deliver the goods. Of the delivery could not be completed a note will be send about the package, with this note the buyer could pick up the delivery at the local post office stated on the note within 5 working days. If the delivery could not be completed within this time period, the delivery will be canceled by the seller and shipped back to the warehouse. After the goods arrival the seller will delete the contract.

The shipping due date (5 working days) starts in the case of goods which are available in the warehouse right after the right amount is received in the seller’s bank account. The buyer has to check the product for any damage in the time of arrival, in the case of damaged goods or package, the post office has to be noted right away. For the damages occurring during shipping of the goods the delivery service (Hungarian Postal Service) is responsible for any mischief. The bill contains the taxes and it will be inside of the package.

Payment with Paypal or bankcards and in case of transfer in advance the shipping fee is:

- Worldwide shipping: 5 EUR
- In Hungary: 3 EUR