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Terms and Conditions

The Owner’s data:

Company name: Xunox Kft.
Headquarters: EU, HUNGARY, 1038 Budapest, Mező utca 7.
Company number: 01-09-464079
EU tax number (VAT): HU12070756
Phone number: +36-1-242-0629 (not for ordering)
Email address: info@stilettodress.com (for customer service click here)
Web address: www.stilettodress.com
Bank account number: OTP Bank Nyrt. – 11703006-20342939-00000000
Swift code: OTPVHUHB
IBAN code: HU73 11703006 20342939 00000000
All the products prices are containing the local traffic taxes (27%), which is based on the origin country’s law. The price of the products and transport has to be paid by the buyer in advance to the seller’s bank account in case of transfer in advance payment option. As soon as the order was made, a confirmation e-mail will be send to the buyer, where all the important information’s will be stated.

Terms and Conditions

Registration, method of order

By registering at www.stilettodress.com, purchaser declares that he\she agrees with and has read the following Terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy published on the website and also contributes to the data management included in the Privacy Policy. Ordering from www.stilettodress.com online store is only possible by electronic means. The Operator does not accept ordering on phone, fax or in mail. The Operator sends information relating to the orders by e-mail to the users. Before placing an order, the user has the option to change the data given at the registration. The order and contracting is online, but not signed contract, its content will be archived and stays posteriorly available and can be retrieved.

How to order

In our webshop you can browse and view our products without registration, but placing an order is possible only after registration.


Registration required to purchase in our webshop. Data given during the registration can be changed any time further on in the My Profile menu. The Operator is not liable if the customer forgets the password or password (not attributable to the Operator) become accessible to unauthorized persons. The user has full responsibility for all orders placed and transactions in which the password has been used. In view of this, please ensure adequate secrecy of your password. The Operator is not responsible for the delivery delays or any other problems what can be originated in the data given imprecisely or incorrectly by the customer.

Order Processing

By filling and sending the order, after sending the confirmation email by the website, the contract come into being between the customer and the Operator.
The contract is considered to be in writing and regulated by the 17/1999. (II. 5.) Government decree. Orders are processed solely on weekdays from 8:00 am to 17:00 pm.
The performance term of orders are 5 working days counted from the confirmation.
If the performance term changes because of extrinsic reasons of the Operator, the Operator informs the Customer of the prospective performance time.
The Operator accepts the Customer’s order on the website, where the Customer gets the informations about the contract’s existing and the prospective performance time.

Select product and adding to basket (how to order)

By clicking on the selected product the Customer can ger more details and additional images of the product. Next to the leading picture of the product on the right side te “Add to basket” button can be found. If you want to change the content of your basket, you can do it in the “Basket” menu in the “Piece” column by clicking on delete (dust icon). If your cart includes every product you wanted, then you can continue shopping by clicking on “Payment” button.
If you have already registered before on www.stilettodress.com, you'll need to enter your e-mail address and password. If you are not registered, you can do it on the website by entering a valid e-mail address and the data in need. After login (or successful registration) you can check or modify your billing and shipping address entered at the registration, if necessary. Now comes the selection of the mode of transport and the adoption of Terms and Conditions, than click on the “Next” button. You can choose the Payment method: pay cash on delivery or Paypal. The following page provides a summary and conclusion of the order. Finally, to confirm your order, click on “Confirm Order”. The confirmation e-mail will contain all the relevant information (number of order, total price, etc.) in connection with your order.


The Operator reserves the right of price change of the available products on the www.stilettodress.com. The modification does not changes unfavourably the products that are ordered. In case the online store shows incorrect prices, especially in case of obviously incorrect ones (for example: large difference between the price on the website and the notorius, genuinly accepted price, or in case "0,-" or "1,-" Ft is shown due to an obvious IT mistake, etc.), Operator is not obliged to deliver named product for the incorrect price, but has the right to offer to sell the product for the correct price, and the customer may evaluate wether or not he/she intends to purchase named product for that price.

Right of withdrawal

The right to withdraw from the order is included in the 17/1999. (II.5) government decree. Under the Decree, the customer may cancel the purchase without justification within 8 working days from receipt. The eight working days start from the date of receipt of your order. The date of receipt means the date of receipt at the post office in case of home delivery. The receiver must be able to prove the date of receipt, which certificate has to be enclosed to the cancellation notice. The date of receipt can be proved by the bill, or the given notification. Because of this, please note the shipping conditions. In case of withdrawal the purchaser is only responsible for the cost of returning the product. The customer can exercise the cancellation right in writing, in e-mail. The withdrawal statement has to be sent within the above mentioned time, to the e-mail address given in this Terms and Conditions at the “Operator details”. In the declaration of withdrawal the purchaser has to give all the details about the order : the code of order, the day of receipt of order and the product.In absence of these, or if the Operator can not verify the order/purchaser/product of the cancellation notice because of any other reason, than the declaration of withdrawal can not be accepted. In case of withdrawal, the purchaser has to ensure the safety of the products in an injury-proof package (at least in a package, which was delivered to the customer) and the questioned product has to be sent by registered mail to the Operator.
It is not possible to receipt the cash on delivery packages. The cost of return is payed by the customer. In case of withdrawal the customer is bound to send back the product and it’s bill to the Operator. In that case, if the product has been used by the customer and can not send back without injury to our firm, we will not buy the product back.
Operator may claim compensation for damage resulting from improper use of the product.
Within 30 days of the receipt of the electronically sent cancellation notice, the Operator refunds the price paid by the customer, provided that, the Operator gets the product back intact within this period.
The Operator is entitled to deduct the price of damage result from the improper use of the product from the reimbursable amount.
The Operator will not refund shipping costs and do not pay interest on the reimbursable amount.
In case of custom made products the customer can not exercise the right of withdrawal.
If the ordered item is faulty, or damaged during shipping, you can replace it without charge.
If change is not possible, the customer may choose getting discount or cancelling the purchase.
The proper law of the seller’s warranty and guarantee responsibility is the Civil Code and the 49/2003. (VII.30.) GKM decree.

Other Provisions

1. The Operator’s system may gather information about the user’s activity, what can not be linked with the information given by the user at the registration, not either the data arosed by recoursing other internet site’s services.

2. The Operator is entitled to send newsletter or other commercial letter to the user, so long as the user gave unambiguously pronounced, voluntary contribution to it before at the registration. The Operator is not obliged to check whether the user’s information given at registration process, or otherwise when giving contribution, are true or relevant.

3. The user is entitled to withdraw the voluntary contribution (2.) any time by sending an e-mail to info@stilettodress.com. In this case the Operator after the withdrawal will not send more newsletter or other commercials, furthermore deletes the user’s details from the users registered for the newsletter.

4. The Operator is entitled to modify this Terms and Conditions unilaterally. The Operator notifies the users in e-mail about the modifications before they come into force. The Operator forecloses all responsibility for the users behaviour of www.stilettodress.com. The user is fully and exclusively responsible for own behaviour, in this case the Operator fully co-operates with the proceeding authorities to scout violation of law. The www.stilettodress.com sides may content interfaces (links) that lead to other providers’ websites. The Operator does not assume responsibility for these providers’ data security and other activity.

Privacy Policy

Goal of the policy

This Privacy Policy explains how Stilettodress („Stiletto”, „we”, „our”, „us”) collects, uses, shares and protects information in relation to our services and web site, and your choices about the collection and use of your information.

Data manager

Company name: Xunox Kft.
Headquarters: EU, HUNGARY, 1038 Budapest, Mező utca 7.
Company number: 01-09-464079
EU tax number (VAT): HU12070756

1. Personal data management:

1.1. During registration, the Customer is required to provide the following personal information:
 gender
 first and last name
 e-mail address
 password
 date of birth
 billing address (billing name, street name, street number, city, zip code)
 shipping address (shipping name, street name, street number, city, zip code)
 phone number

1.2. The following data will be recorded during the system operation: the users computer’s data generated while using the service and which the system controller automatically recorded as a result of the technical processes. The system records and logs data automatically when logging in or out without the user’s declaration or action. These data with other personal user’s data – except for the cases made compulsory by law –can not be connected. Only the data manager has access to the data.

1.3. When visiting www.stilettodress.com one or more cookies –a small file containing serial characters – will be sent to the visitors’ computer so that their browser can be identifyed individually. These cookies are granted by Google, they are utilized by the Google Adwords system.
These cookies will only be sent to the users’ computer, when they click on particular sites. These store only the fact and time when they clicked on the site, not any other information. The utilization of these cookies sent by this way is the following:
The external suppliers, including Google, can store details by these cookies if the users have previously visited the advertiser’s website. According to this, they make commercials – of external suppliers, including Google - appear to the users on the websites of our partners.
Users can disable Google’s cookies on the site of Google made for turning off ads.

2. The legal basis of data management, purpose and method

2.1. The users’ voluntary statement based on adequate information - what contains the users pronounced permission to use their personal data during using the site – is the basis of data processing on www.stilettodress.com.
The legal basis of data management is the voluntary statement by users’concerned according to the Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Information of Public Interest. The contribution can be given by the users in case of particular data management in connection with using the website, by registration, and giving the questioned data voluntary.
Protecting your privacy a priority for the Service and its partners.
While using our website, the collecting and processing of necessary personal details, suitable for identifying suit the hungarian laws of proteciton of personal data (Act LXIII of 1992) in force.

2.2. The aim of data management is to ensure the services available on the Website.
The Operator stores the customer’s given data purpose attached, exclusively for performing the order, and for proving the subsequent contract’s (what may come off) terms.

2.3. The automatically recorded datas’ aim to make statistics and improve the information technology system and the protection of users.

2.4. The data manager can not use these personal details for other aims. The personal details can only be published to third person or the authorities – unless law has no binding force – when the user gave pronounced permission before.

2.5. The data manager does not checks the personal details. The person who gives the data is exclusively responsible for the given details. The customers (when giving the email address) are responsible for the e-mail address’ obligate use and resort to the services. In this regard all responsibility assume only the person who registered the e-mail address.

3. Data management time:

3.1. The personal details ( given compulsory in the registration process) managing time starts with the registration and ends with its delete. When the data is not compulsory to give, the managing time starts with giving the data and ends with the questioned data’s delete.
The registration can be deleted by the customer or the Supplier any time in the method fixed in this Terms and Conditions.

3.2. Regulations above do not affect the fulfillment of statutory trust obligations (accounting regulations, respectively the other data management given when registrating and other permissions

4. The range of data cognitive persons:

4.1. Your data are managed privately we do not give out them to third person, only if it is absolute necessary to fulfil the contract. ( ex.: post office).
Firstly the Supplier and the Suppliers staffer has the right to get to know the data but they do not publish them. Staff, our partners and suppliers have none disclosure agreement.

4.2.The Supplier can enrol data manager to fulfil orders,accounting and to operate the IT system.
The Supplier is not responsible for these external participants’ data management practices.

4.3. Besides the above the personal data of the Customer can only be forwarded when it is prescribed by law or under the Customer's consent.

The Customer’s rights and vindication possibilities:

5. Rights and enforcement options of Customer:

5.1. Customer has the right to ask for coverage about his stored data, to alter stored data (according to Terms and conditions), or to ask for deletion of his stored data.

5.2. On customers demand, supplier gives coverage in writing within 30 days from recieving the application.

5.3. Customer can enforce his/her rights via the contact information given in point 2.

5.4. Customer has the right to demand correction or deletion of his/her stoerd data. Some information may be altered on the website by customer, in remainder cases Supplier will alter or delete the data within 3 work days. In case of deletion said data may not be restored later. Supplier can not delete data he is obliged to keep by law.

5.5. Customer may enforce his rights according to Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Information of Public Interest and the Hungarian Civil Code (1959. évi IV. tv.) via court.

5.6. If customer used information belonging to third party during registration or in any other case of fraud, Supplier has the right to turn to the court, and in these cases will offer help in any way authorities demand.

6. Use of E-mail addresses:

6.1.The Supplier pays special attention to legality of the e-mail addresses consumption, so they are used only in the manner set out below (information os commercials) to send emails.

6.2. The e-mail managing is made for firstly to identify the Customer, fulfill orders, using services and being in contact, so that’s why we send e-mails.

6.3. In case the services provided by the Supplier or the Terms and Conditions change, the information about all the changes will be sent to the Customer. The information of the changes will be sent in e-mail. Customers can not unsubscribe from this information list, but these notices can not be used for advertising.

6.4. The given e-mail address during the registration the Supplier sends commercials or newsletters only with the Customer’s pronounced permission in statutory manner and case.

7. Other regulations:

7.1. The Operator’s system may gather information about the user’s activity, what can not be linked with the information given by the user at the registration, not either the data arosed by recoursing other internet site’s services.

7.2.In every other case when the Supplier wants to use the data variantly from the aim of the data recording, must inform the user and needs the unambiguously pronounced, voluntary contribution to it before, and give opportunity to prohibit the use.

>7.3. The Supplier obligate itself to ensure the security of data, and also takes the technical measures what ensure, that the recorded, stored and handled data are protected, and will do its best to prevent data destruction, unauthorized access or modification. Also obligate itself that notes any third party (whom the data may be transmitted or transferred ) to fulfill its obligations in this regard too.

7.4. The Operator is entitled to modify this Terms and Conditions unilaterally, of course with the informing the Customers before. After the modification came into effect the Customer accepts the modified Terms and Conditions by implied conduct (using the service).

Terms of use

This website contains material which is owned by or licensed to Supplier. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited other than in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions. Reproduction of the contents on stilettodress.com is only admissible via direct links to stilettodress.com. Supplier does not provide any warranty or guarantee of the content Users provide within forums or any other social forum connected to stilettodress.com, and maintaines the right to delete any offensive form of manifestation, without prior notice. Supplier does not provide any warranty or guarantee for damage caused through no fault of his own. Unauthorised use of this website may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

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